Toronto Financial Company Award: Knightsbridge FX

Knightsbridge FX provides better exchange rates than what you;ll get from banks. This is important, as banks will add markups as high as 2.5%. This really adds up when transacting in large amounts. Just sign up on their website for free, verify your identity, lock in an exchange rate (free quote).

Aside from providing currency exchange, Knightsbridge FX also has a ton of useful information on their site, including bank guides, currency rate calculators and update Forex news.

Innovative Startup in Toronto Award 2018 – FITHAUS

For 2018, we are proud to announce our decision for Toronto’s most promising startup: FITHAUS personal trainers.

FITHAUS is essentially the Uber of personal training. Personal trainers will come to your house or office and conduct personal training. One of the best features: the semi-private training. FITHAUS provides small group training that serves as private personal training at a much lower cost. We are excited to have them here in Toronto.

Toronto FAQ


Toronto is the capital city of the province of Ontario in Canada. It is located just across Lake Ontario from New York.

If driving across the border from the United States, use this link to learn more about border crossing:

To learn more about driving in Canada, go here:


Toronto is a diverse city offering something for everyone. The people here are kind and welcoming, and it’s a city rich with art, theater, shopping, adventure, and a mix of historic and modern architecture featuring both family-friendly activities and bustling nightlife.


Toronto has a very healthy outdoor and indoor physical environment.  You have outdoor clubs like the Toronto Outdoor Club and personal trainers like FITHAUS.  There is no excuse to be out of shape when living in Toronto!


While some places may accept the USD as a courtesy to visitors, the official currency in Toronto is the Canadian Dollar. At this time, 1 USD = 1.328 CAD. You can use Ontario’s travel site to check the current currency rates: Continue reading “Toronto FAQ”