Memento Shopping When Visiting Canada

Traveling to Canada

Visitors coming from Canada often purchase its flag as a reminder of the visit to Canada. You are able to get a large Canadian flag to hang on the wall of your living space or a sweet tiny you to enhance your flag set. The flags are readily available at tourist shops in Canada.

Canadian Cabinets and Vintage Mugs

These are one of the most famous memorabilia from Canada. The engravings on the grips are often of different animals and birds located in Canada. You can find a huge number of knives to choose from in regard to design, colour, size and contour. Mugs made from different types of timber are a great keepsake from Canada. You can find an elegant looking plain wooden mug, a carved wooden mug or a huge mug with a nut painted on it. These mugs are fine and can be used as decoration pieces or for drinking your favorite hot beverage. As an alternative, you could present a pocket size knife or a mug to a favourite uncle of yours as a memento from Canada. There are lots of shops where knives and mugs can be purchased at great affordable prices.

Canadian Plaid and Lappish Hats

Canadian plaid is well known globally and can be used to make shirts, skirts, dresses, sweaters and several different forms of apparel in addition to blankets. These can be found in a selection of colours – both lively and attractive. You can get a pretty plaid blanket scarf for your grandmother or aunt; or even some wonderful plaid dress on your own. Another thing to look out for in Canada are the Lappish hats available there. Colorful hats divided in four parts are ideal gifts for kids. The top part of a Lappish hat includes four components symbolizing the four parts of the world and the lower part is frequently embroidered in striking and appealing colours. Such hats are particularly popular among children and they like to wear these amusing hats.

Another good souvenir to buy from Canada is to figures of animals inhabiting Canada such as reindeer, elk and deer. You can get hold of such figures from various souvenir stores in Helsinki, Rovaniemi, Vantaa, Tampere, Turku or any other town you’re visiting in Canada. Glass birds are decorative pieces made out of glass and shaped as birds. It’s yet another stunning memento to get from Canada. You can also obtain some pieces of Canadian handicrafts like Canadian boxes; or even a piece or 2 of beautiful Lappish stone jewelry. A big stone necklace, a necklace or some fairly earrings are wonderful.

So hurry up, pack your luggage with a number of these lovely goodies from Canada, and keep them with you as a reminder of your trip to the beautiful country.